Life Stressors and Social Resources Inventory - Youth lisres-y

For: Monitor ongoing life stressors and social resources in individuals ages 12-18 years (LISRES-Y) and individuals 18 years and older (LISRES-A)
Reading Level: Adolescent - Elder Adult
Format: Paper-and-Pencil
Length: 30-60 Minutes
Scoring: Hand Scored



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Paper Forms and Hand Scoring Materials

Test forms, response booklets and scoring reference manuals.

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LISRES-Y Introductory Kit

Includes LISRES-Y Professional Manual, 10 Reusable Item Booklets, and 50 Hand-Scorable Answer/Profile Forms.
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LISRES-Y Hand-Scorable Answer/Profile Forms (25)

Pack of 25.
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LISRES-Y Reusable Item Booklets (10)

Pack of 10.
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Rudolf H. Moos, PhD


The LISRES provides a unified framework to measure ongoing life stressors and social resources and their changes over time. Integrating these two domains in one assessment tool provides a comprehensive picture of an individual’s overall life context. This inventory identifies the level of current stressors and their sources as well as the available social resources.

Two separate versions of the LISRES are available, the LISRES-A (for adults 18 years and older) and the LISRES-Y (for youth ages 12-18 years). Each version has its own Manual, co-authored by Bernice S. Moos, that describes the development of the instrument and provides normative data, as well as complete instructions for administration, scoring and interpretation. The Manuals also discuss validity and research applications.

The LISRES-A may be used with healthy adults, psychiatric, substance abuse or medical patients. It covers eight major areas of life experience: Physical Health, Spouse/Partner, Finances, Work, Home/Neighbourhood, Children, Friends, Social Activities and Extended Family.

The LISRES-Y may be used with healthy teenagers, those with conduct disorders, or adolescent medical and psychiatric patients. It covers eight major areas of life experiences: Physical Health, School, Home & Money, Parents, Siblings, Extended Family, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Friends and Social Activities. The LISRES may be used as a structured interview with individuals whose reading and comprehension skills are below a 6th-grade level. The LISRES may be administered and scored by those with no formal training in clinical or counselling psychology.

The respondent answers the 200 (LISRES-A) or 208 (LISRES-Y) items contained in the 8-page reusable Item Booklet. Responses are marked on the 2-part carbonless Answer/Profile Form.


The LISRES-A was normed on 1,884 adults (1,181 men and 703 women). Internal consistency reliabilities range from .77-.93 for the Stressor scales and from .50-.92 for the Social Resources scales. The LISRES-Y was normed on 400 youth (179 boys and 221 girls). Internal consistency reliabilities range from .66-.92 for Stressor scales and from .78-.93 for Social Resources scales.

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