Matrix-Predictive Uniform Law Enforcement Selection Evaluation m-pulse

For: A pre-conditioning instrument designed for law enforcement officer selection.

Reading Level: 18-65

Format: Online (via MHS Scoring Organiser)

Length: 60-80 minutes

Scoring: Online (Internet)


Paper Forms and Hand Scoring Materials


M-PULSE Data Entry Sheets (50)

For use only if paper and pencil administration is required. Pack of 50 data entry sheets. Use with separate item books.
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M-PULSE Item Booklets (10)

Pack of 10 Item booklets.
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Online Forms, Administrations and Reports


M-PULSE Online Profile Report

Profile Report (online) - each.
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Sample Reports

M-PULSE Profile Report


Robert D Davis PhD, M.P. and Cary D Rostow PhD, M.P.


The M-PULSE is an effective pre-conditioning screening instrument designed for law enforcement officer selection.  The inventory may be used either pre-offer to identify a candidates' liability potential, or post-offer as part of a total assessment battery that includes historical, interview and observational data.

Key Areas Measured

  • Interpersonal Difficulties
  • Off Duty Misconduct
  • Property Damage
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Inappropriate Use of Weapon
  • Excessive Force
  • Sexually Offensive Conduct
  • Criminal Conduct
  • Potential for Reprimand/Suspension
  • Potential for Resignation
  • Potential for Termination
  • Chemical Abuse/Dependency
  • Procedural and Conduct Mistakes
  • Misuse of Vehicle
  • Discharge of Weapon
  • Unprofessional Conduct
  • Racially Offensive Conduct
  • Lawsuit Potential

How to Use the Assessment 

Results are produced for 18 liability scales which help predict officer misconduct, and 20 empirical scales that measure attitudes, values and beliefs.  The M-PULSE also includes two validity scales - Impression Management and Test Attitude, that when elevated indicate if a candidate is trying to make a good impression or has a negative attitude toward the testing process.


Profile Reports provide a graphical display of the M-PULSE liability, empirical and validity scale scores, as well as a list of individual item responses.

Follow-Up Reports provide an opportunity to track officers' conduct since their critical M-PULSE assessments were completed.

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