MMPI-2 Structural Summary mmpi-2-structural

For: Organize and order MMPI-2 observations within six major content categories

Reading Level: Age 8-84 years

Format: Paper-and-Pencil

Length: 15-20 minutes assessment time; 30 minutes scoring time

Scoring: Hand Scored or Computer Scored


Paper Forms and Hand Scoring Materials


MMPI-2 Structural Summary Foms (pack of 25)

Pack of 25 forms.
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MMPI-2 Structural Summary Introductory Kit

Kit includes MMPI-2 Structural Summary Interpretive Manual and 25 Structual Summary Forms.
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Roger L. Greene, PhD and David S. Nichols, PhD.


The MMPI-2 Structural Summary provides a convenient system for collecting related information in new ways and facilitates comparisons of relationships between MMPI-2 scales to derive a more complete picture of the individual.


This easy-to-use 8-page form assists the clinician in three important ways:

  1. Helps to organise and order MMPI-2 observations within six major content categories, capturing themes across scales.
  2. Facilitates generation of interpretive hypotheses and is particularly helpful for interpreting atypical profiles.
  3. Provides a convenient outline for the preparation of psychodiagnostic reports.

The clinician enters scored scales and indices from a completed MMPI-2 administration into the appropriate blanks provided under the six major sections:

  • Test-Taking Attitudes
  • Cognitions
  • Factor Scales
  • Interpersonal Relations
  • Moods
  • Other Problem Areas

Each of the six major sections contains between two and 11 subsections. The categories selected for the MMPI-2 Structural Summary are those that surface repeatedly in clinical discussions across all the mental health professions. This is a structural summary; most of its categories reflect known dimensions of variation within the total MMPI-2 item pool. Categories are composed of scales with relatively high inter-correlations and high similarity of item content. By contrast, relations between scales and indices in different categories generally reflect lower correlations and more dissimilar item content.

The MMPI-2 Structural Summary Interpretive Manual provides an overview of the development and validation of the Structural Summary, as well as practical information on its use in clinical settings. A number of case studies are presented to demonstrate the clinical utility of this new form. The Manual also discusses the relevance of a number of newly developed scales within each of the major categories.

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