Personality Assessment Inventory-Adolescent (PAI-A) Software Portfolio pai-a-sp

Author: Leslie C. Morey, PhD and PAR Staff

For: Scores and generates Clinical Interpretive Reports for the PAI-A

Reading Level: Adolescent 12-18 years of age

Format: Paper and Pencil; Download

Length: Varies

Scoring: Hand Scored; Computer Scored

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PAI-A Software Portfolio – Download

Includes PAI-A Software with On-Screen Help, Quick Start Guide, and 5 BONUS On-Screen Administrations of the PAI-A. NOTE: No forms inlcuded. You will need to purchase PAI-A Software item/response booklets (6066-AS) separately if you are not using on-screen administrations.
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PAI-A Counter Serial Number (25 Administrations) – download

Activates 25 on-screen administrations of the PAI-Adolescent. Your serial number will be emailed to you. You must already own the PAI-A SP (6063-DL) in order to use this item.
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PAI-A Counter Serial Number (50 Administrations) – Download

Activates 50 on-screen administrations of the PAI-Adolescent. Your serial number will be emailed to you. You must already own the PAI-A SP (6063-DL) in order to use this item.
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Paper Forms and Hand Scoring Materials


PAI-A Software Item/Response Booklets (25)

Combined Item Booklet and Answer Sheet for use with PAI-A Software Portfolio and PARiConnect only. Pack of 25.
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Sample Reports

PAI-A SP Clinical Interpretive Report

Contact PAA today to set up your PARiConnect online account to utilise online administration, scoring and reporting.

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The PAI-A SP is used to score and interpret the Personality Assessment Inventory-Adolescent (PAI-A). The software provides a Clinical Interpretive Report based on an on-screen administration of the PAI-A or hand entry of an adolescent's item or scale raw scores (entered by the clinician). Program functionality includes navigation tools (e.g. menu system, Quickstart dialog box, Toolbar, Status Bar), file handling and report editing. As a PAI-A SP user, you will receive information from PAR whenever an upgrade becomes available.


  • Powerful diagnostic and interpretive logic incorporates interpretation of the 22 PAI-A scales modified by all relevant subscale-to-scale and subscale-to-subscale interpretive considerations.
  • The software generates exceptionally comprehensive, useful and accurate Clinical Interpretive Reports.
  • You pay only if you choose to administer the PAI-A on-screen. A Counter Serial Number is used to activate the on-screen administrations.
  • Includes built-in, easy-to-use report editing features.
  • Exports client data to many spreadsheet and database programs.
  • Exports client reports to common word processing programs.
  • Includes an optional password feature to ensure the privacy and security of client data during on-screen administration and for general security of data.
  • Saves valuable clinician scoring and report-writing time.


The components of the PAI-A SP include a PAI-A SP software download, a Quick Start Guide, and 5 BONUS on-screen administrations of PAI-A.

System Requirements

This software requires Windows® 8/10, an NTFS file system, an internet connection for software installation, and an internet connection or telephone for software activation.

Note: The PAI-A SP software activation is accomplished via Internet. Counter Serial Numbers are required for on-screen administrations

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