Roberts-2 roberts-2

For: Evaluate children's social perception ages 6-18 years

Reading Level: Child - Adolescent

Format: Paper-and-Pencil

Length: Varies

Scoring: Hand Scored




Roberts-2 Kit

Includes 1 Set of Test Pictures featuring White Children and Adolescents; 25 Record Forms, 1 Casebook, 1 Quick Scoring Guide, 1 Manual. NEW KIT.
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Sample Reports

Roberts-2 Sample Test Report


Glen E. Roberts, PhD


The Roberts-2 storytelling to evaluate children's social perception. With an objective scoring system and updated norms, the Roberts-2 includes new Test Pictures that feature current hair and clothing styles but retain the thematic content of the original pictures. Children and adolescents are realistically depicted in everyday situations, with their families, with peers, or alone. In addition, there are now three parallel versions of the Test Pictures -one showing White children, one featuring Black children, and one depicting Hispanic children.

The test focuses on the child's social understanding as expressed in free narrative. It assesses two independent dimensions: adaptive social perception and the presence of maladaptive or atypical social perception. The first of these is a developmental measure; the second is a clinical measure. The scales on the Roberts-2, now refined for easier scoring and interpretation, reflect both developmental and clinical concerns.

The Roberts-2 asks the child or adolescent to tell a story in response to each of 16 Test Pictures. After recording the stories, the clinician scores responses, according to objective criteria, for the presence or absence of specific characteristics. The Roberts-2 Manual offers extensive examples of children's stories, along with scoring instructions. New norms, grouped by age and sex, are based on a sample of 1,000 children and adolescents, ages 6 to 18 years, from all four U.S. Census regions. The sample is representative in terms of gender, ethnicity, and parental education.

The test's carefully standardised and formally coded content scales provide comprehensive and detailed insight into childrens social understanding. Stories generated in response to the Test Pictures indicate where the child is on a continuum of social understanding. Typically, as children become more socially experienced, their stories reflect greater awareness of social convention, more differentiated themes, and clearer resolution of themes and conflicts. Moreover, the inclusion of clinical scales calls attention to the likely presence of social and emotional problems that are outside the norm.

The Roberts-2 Manual provides evidence of the test's validity, based on comparisons between the standardisation sample and a clinically referred sample of more than 500 children and adolescents. This evidence supports use of the Roberts-2 in clinical assessment of children experiencing adjustment problems and in research on the development of social understanding in normal children. The Roberts-2 is especially effective with children who are just entering counselling or therapy. It is also useful in measuring change over the course of treatment. And because it is standardised on non-referred children, the test is an ideal way to assess developmental change and situational crises in normal children.

What's new in the Roberts-2

  • Updated Test Pictures featuring current clothing and hairstyles.
  • Three parallel sets of Test Pictures -for White, Black, and Hispanic children and teens.
  • An extended age range -up to 18 years.
  • New norms, representative of the U.S. population in regard to region, gender, ethnicity, and parental education.

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