Sexual Violence Risk-20, Version 2 svr-20-v2

Purpose: Identifies risk factors for sexual violence
Format: Paper and Pencil
Assessment Time: Untimed
Scoring: Hand Scored

Age Range: 18 to 65 years


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Paper Forms and Hand Scoring Materials

Test forms, response booklets and scoring reference manuals.

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SVR-20 V2 Introductory Kit

Includes SVR-20 V2 User's Guide and 50 Worksheets
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SVR-20 V2 User’s Guide

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SVR-20 V2 Worksheets (50)

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Douglas R. Boer, PhD, Stephen D. Hart, PhD, P. Randall Kropp, PhD, Christopher D. Webster, PhD


The SVR-20, V2 is an updated 20-item checklist of risk factors for sexual violence that were identified by a review of the literature on sex offenders.

Features and benefits

  • Based on the success of the original version, the SVR-20, V2 specifies which risk factors should be assessed and how the risk assessment should be conducted.
  • Featuring an updated list of risk factors, the SVR-20, V2 remains empirically related to future sexual violence and is useful in making decisions about the management of sex offenders, is non-discriminatory, and is comprehensive without being redundant.
  • Appropriate for use in cases in which an individual has committed, or is alleged to have committed, an act of sexual violence, including pre-trial release decisions, presentence assistance to judges, development of treatment programs at correctional intake, prior to discharge to assist in post release management, custody/access assessment, determination of need for a community warning, quality assurance or critical incident reviews, and education and training.

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