CONNERS 4th Edition [CONNERS-4]

MHS has complied informative resources we hope you will find helpful as you make the transition from using Conners 3rd Edition (Conners 3®) to Conners 4th Edition (Conners 4™) or begin using Conners 4 – well-validated and trusted tool that provides a comprehensive evaluation of ADHD and continues to evolve with new research

For ages: 6 to 18 (Parent & Teacher) or 8 to 18 (Self Report)
Administration Type: Parent, Teacher, Self
Administration Time: 10 to 25 minutes
Format: Online administration and scoring in MHS Assessment Centre+(MAC+); Print paper forms and score online
Author: C. Keith Conners, PhD.

Online Forms, Reports & e-Manuals

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Conners 4 Online Report (each)

For use in MHS Online Assessment Centre+ (MAC+) platform. Contact us if you don’t have a MAC+ online account set up yet. Minimum purchase 5 reports.
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Conners 4th Edition (Conners 4™) is the highly anticipated revision of the Conners 3rd Edition (Conners 3®), the world’s leading Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) assessment.

Conners 4 provides a comprehensive assessment of symptoms and impairments associated with ADHD and common co-occurring problems and disorders in children and youth aged 6 to 18 years. The Conners 4 is an inclusive and fair measure that builds on the long history and strengths of the multi-informant Conners Rating Scales. Conners 4 will be an invaluable part of your ADHD assessment battery with updated norms, improved workflows, and new and improved features.

New Features

Improved Efficiency and Usability

Now fully digital, Conners 4 helps you gain valuable time with customizable reports, online scoring for better data visualization, easy inventory management, a digital manual, and printable forms.

Introducing Conners 4th Edition
Increased Accuracy of Assessment

Conners 4 updates allow you to:

  • Address critical concerns with Severe Conduct and Self-Harm Critical Items and a Sleep Problems Indicator
  • Measure impairments related to ADHD symptoms in the school, social, and family domains
  • Evaluate new content areas and common co-occurring problems such as emotional dysregulation, depressed mood, and anxious thoughts
  • Apply a dimensional approach with an additional DSM Symptoms Scale – Total ADHD Symptoms
Superior Quantification of Severity

Conners 4 helps you evaluate the severity of symptoms by comparing the child’s results to an ADHD Reference Sample (children/youth already diagnosed with ADHD).

Enhanced Collaboration with Parents

Conners 4 facilitates collaboration with parents using an enhanced Parent Feedback Handout (easy-to-understand explanation and summary of results).

Increased Fairness and Inclusivity

Conners 4 improves fairness and inclusivity with gender-inclusive language, culturally sensitive items, and items and scales that show no evidence of measurement bias regarding gender, race/ethnicity, country of residence, or parental education level.

More Informed Intervention

Conners 4 allows evaluation of a youth’s relative strengths and weaknesses using Within-Profile Comparisons for more informed intervention.

Easier Administration

Take the guesswork out of your inventory management with a new way to order Conners 4 uses. You can purchase a general Conners 4 use and apply it across any Conners 4 form while generating reports.

Multi-Rater Report

Multi-Rater reports are now available for Conners 4. Below, you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions.

What is the new Multi-Rater report?

The Conners 4 Multi-Rater report combines the results of up to five raters to provide an overview of the youth’s behaviour from a multi-rater perspective. It highlights potentially important inter-rater differences in scores. It is available for the full-length Conners 4, Conners 4–Short, and the Conners 4–ADHD Index.

How can the Multi-Rater report be useful to me?

Integrating information from multiple raters ensures a more comprehensive assessment of youth being evaluated than what a single rater provides. The frequency and intensity of reported symptoms and associated features of ADHD can vary based on the environment and context, as well as the interactions with the individual. By comparing scores from different raters, one can better understand how these behaviours manifest in various
situations and from different viewpoints. The Conners 4 Multi-Rater report facilitates this process by providing the results of multiple raters in one report, highlighting statistically significant inter-rater differences in scores and any critical areas that need further examination.

How can I generate a Multi-Rater report on the MHS Online Assessment Center+ (MAC+) portal?

  1. On MAC+, navigate to the Generate Reports section.
  2. Under the Select a report type dropdown, choose Multi-Rater report.
  3. Select a client’s assessment record to generate the report.
  4. Click Next to select one to four additional assessment records to include in this report. Note: For an assessment to be eligible for inclusion in the Multi-Rater report, it MUST have a status of Generated. If the status says Completed but has not yet been generated, you must generate a Single-Rater report before including the assessment in the Multi-Rater report.
  5. The Multi-Rater report will be available for download as a PDF document.

Key Areas Measured

Conners 4 Full-length

Number of items:

  • Parent 117
  • Teacher 109
  • Self-Report 118

This form is the most comprehensive and is recommended for use in initial evaluations and full re-evaluations.​ This form includes all Conners 4 items and scales. 

Conners 4 Short

Number of items:

  • Parent 53
  • Teacher 49
  • Self-Report 51

This form is useful when a rater has limited time, or when the rater will be asked to complete the Conners 4 repeatedly (e.g., monthly assessment of treatment response).​ This form takes less time to complete than the full-length form but is not as comprehensive because it has fewer scales and fewer items per scale (for both Content and Impairment & ​Functional Outcome scales).​

Conners 4 ADHD Index (AI)

Number of items:

  • Parent 12
  • Teacher 12
  • Self-Report 12

This index can be used as a screener to determine which youth are most likely to require a more comprehensive evaluation.​ The Conners 4–ADHD Index contains 12 items from the full-length form that best differentiate youth diagnosed with ADHD from youth in the general population. 


Single Rater Report

Provides detailed information about scores from a single administration, presented numerically, graphically, and within an interpretive summary. A youth’s scores are compared to those in one or more Normative Samples, and optionally, to an ADHD Reference Sample. Also includes a Within-Profile Comparison of the youth’s results to their own average score. Elevations at both the scale and item level are included. Key results are provided in a one-page overview.

Multi Rater Report

Combines the results of up to five raters to provide an overview of the youth’s behaviour from a multi-rater perspective and highlights potentially important inter-rater differences in scores. It is available for the full-length Conners 4, Conners 4–Short, and the Conners 4–ADHD Index.

Resources for existing Conners 3 online users only

For customers currently using Conners 3 within the MHS Online Assessment Centre+, an efficient process is available to help you transition to Conners 4, through a self-serve option within the MHS Online Assessment Center+. To learn more about this easy process, please review the documents below:

Resources for existing Conners 3 paper and software users only

Conners 4 is only available in a digital format via the MHS Online Assessment Center+. Making the transition from conducting assessments using paper and hand-scoring, or software to switching to an online assessment platform can feel like a big task. However, we’ve made this process as seamless as possible.
The resources listed below are designed to help you understand the benefits of assessing online and the ease of use and utility of the MHS Online Assessment Center+.

Online administration in MHS Assessment Center + (MAC+) 

Assessing online has never been easier with the new MHS Online Assessment Center +. Experience the new online platform designed with clinicians for clinicians to ensure the easiest, fastest and most accurate assessing possible!

Benefits of online administration, scoring and reports

  • Save time – fast, easy and accurate administration with automated scoring
  • Assess and score from anywhere – enjoy the convenience of viewing reports from your home, office or anywhere with an online connection
  • Improve efficiency and accuracy – when items are absent, prompts appear to ensure information is not missed
  • User friendly – easy to use interface for practitioners and respondents
  • Gain information easily – email a link to the form directly to the respondent
  • Tailored organisation – data can be customized to how you work
  • Benefit from significant cost savings – don’t purchase paper forms in bulk ever again

Download full list of assessments available in the MHS Online Assessment Center+

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