Rehabilitation Survey of Problems and Coping r-sopac

For: Measures the impact of various injuries and trauma for ages 18 years and older

Reading Level: Year 5

Format: Paper-and-Pencil

Length: 10 minutes

Scoring: Hand Scored



J. Douglas Salmon, Jr., Ph.D. and Marek Celinski, Ph.D.


R-SOPAC is a thorough symptom survey in which clients rate a broad range of physical, emotional and cognitive symptoms in terms of intensity and the degree to which satisfactory coping has been achieved.  It is relevant to clients presenting general health/stress conditions, victims of trauma, those with chronic pain/fatigue and fibromyalgia and neurological/general rehabilitation clientele.  When used with Rehabilitation Checklist (RCL), R-SOPAC may help determine the need for treatment initiation or continuation and the risk of psychopathology.  R-SOPAC also allows for documenting symptoms that may have pre-dated the primary injury/condition and identifies aggravation or pre-existing symptoms, which is useful in workers' compensation and accident cases.

R-SOPAC facilitates differential diagnosis, helps determine treatment needs for presenting symptoms and monitors treatment progress.  The Problem (symptom intensity) aspect of the form is highly correlated to various measures of psychopathology while the Coping aspect is more highly correlated with functional measures of ability and activity level.

R-SOPAC provides references to disabled, fully employed, unemployed (non-disabled) and dissimulation sample groups to help you differentiate between the impact of disability from unemployment alone.

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