Rehabilitation Checklist rcl

For: Identify client needs in recovering from injuries/illness with cognitive/physical/emotional symptoms

Format: Paper-and-Pencil

Length: 50 items

Scoring: Hand Scored



J  Douglas Salmon Jr., Ph.D.


The Rehabilitation Checklist (RCL) helps you accurately determine the needs of clients recovering from injuries and illness with cognitive, physical or emotional symptoms.  Intended for use by rehabilitation professionals, rehabilitation caseworkers, and vocational and physical rehabilitation personnel, the RCL checklist is a practical and effecive instrument that helps you understand the impact of injury on a client's life.  By providing a strong focus on the client's needs, RCL findings enhance and expedite the rehabilitation process.

Clients are required to indicate, on a 50-item checklist, what prevents or discourages them from returning to their regular life roles.  Clients are also required to rate the five most important items by priority.  Once this is completed, results may be transferred to their respective scales (physical, cognitive, emotional, psychosocial, employability and job) and totalled.  There is also a Total Rehabilitation subscale for all items chosen and client endorsements or perceived disability relative to varied life roles.  Finally, clients are asked to indicate whether their emotional and physical conditions have improved or worsened and when they expect their life to return to normal.  Several subscales have cut-off scores indicating psychological risk factors.

The RCL Checklist is available in Quikscore format.  The client's responses transfer through to a hidden scoring sheet designed for easy calculation.  The Quikscore Form includes everything you need for a complete RCL administration.

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