Antisocial Process Screening Device

Authors Paul J. Frick, PhD. & Robert D. Hare, PhD. Description In recent years, societal concerns over the dramatic rise in juvenile crime - especially violent crime - has reaffirmed the importance of research in this area.  Children who commit antisocial, delinquent, and violent acts constitute a heterogeneous group in terms of the types of... READ MORE
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Conners Adult ADHD Rating Scales

Authors C. Keith Conners, Ph.D; Drew Erhardt, Ph.D & Elizabeth Sparrow, Ph.D Description The Conner's Adult ADHD Rating Scales (CAARS) quantitatively measures ADHD symptoms across clinically significant domains while examining the manifestations of ADHD in adults based on scientific literature and the authors' clinical experience.  The CAARS results may help you identify contributing factors to a client's... READ MORE
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Childrens Aggression Scale

Authors Jeffrey M. Halperin, PhD and Kathleen E. McKay, PhD Description The prevalence of aggression among youth continues to increase at an alarming rate. With youth violence accounting for 1 in every 12 murders that occurred in the U.S. in 2002 (Snyder & Sickmund, 2006), and 33% of U.S. high school students in 2003 reporting... READ MORE
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Checklist for Child Abuse Evaluation

Author Joseph Petty, PhD Description This valuable information-gathering tool is used for investigating and evaluating children and adolescents who may have been abused or neglected. You may obtain extensive data for preparing clinical reports or standard documents in the clinical file.  The Checklist is transferrable to all pertinent professionals to eliminate repetitive stressful questioning of... READ MORE
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Detailed Assessment of Posttraumatic Stress

Author John Briere, PhD Description The DAPS is a 104-item detailed and comprehensive clinical measure of trauma exposure and posttraumatic stress in individuals aged 18 years and older who have a history of exposure to one or more potentially traumatic events. The instrument assesses peri- and posttraumatic symptoms (e.g. intrusion, avoidance, hyperarousal) and associated features... READ MORE
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Detailed Assessment of Posttraumatic Stress Interpretive Report

Author  John Briere, PhD, PAR Staff Description The DAPS-IR provides a comprehensive diagnostic and interpretive system that may be used to administer, score and generate profiles and interpretive reports for the DAPS. The report includes demographic information entered by the clinician, the score summary tables for the protocol, the individual's profile of DAPS T scores, narrative... READ MORE
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Earning Capacity Assessment Form - 2nd Edition

Author Michael Shahnasarian, PhD Description  The ECAF-2 helps to standardise and objectify loss of earning capacity claims. The task of evaluating an individual's loss of earning capacity is similar to the task of evaluating an individual's claim of physical or psychological impairment; however, the vocational rehabilitation profession has lacked the standardised, validated sources necessary to... READ MORE
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Evaluation of Competency to Stand Trial-Revised

Authors Richard Rogers, PhD, ABPP, Chad E. Tillbrook, PhD, Kenneth W. Sewell, PhD Description The ECST-R represents major advances in the assessment of competency to stand trial. Beyond its exceptional inter-rater reliability, the ECST-R provides five important advantages over existing competency measures. Congruence with the Dusky standard -The ECST-R was developed via prototypical analysis to... READ MORE
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Firestone Assessment of Violent Thoughts

Author Robert W. Firestone, PhD and Lisa A. Firestone, PhD Description The FAVT is designed to be a brief, efficient indicator of an individual's violence potential. Designed on the basic hypothesis that an individual's thought process strongly influences his or her behaviour, this self-report assessment tool measures the different types of thoughts that have been... READ MORE
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Firestone Assessment of Violent Thoughts - Adolescent

Author Robert W. Firestone, PhD and Lisa A. Firestone, PhD Description The FAVT-A is designed to be a brief, efficient indicator of an individ­ual's violence potential. Based on the adult version of the FAVT, this 35-item self-report assesses the underlying thoughts that pre-dispose violent behaviour in individuals aged between 11-18 years. It may help you screen for... READ MORE
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Hare Psychopathy-SCAN Research Version

Authors Robert D. Hare, Ph.D. and Hugues F. Herve, M.A. Description The P-SCAN is a useful tool in instances when it is not possible to conduct a PCL-R or PCL:SV assessment.  However, it does not provide a clinical diagnosis.  It is a 90-item checklist depicting relatively specific behaviours and low-level inferences about individuals.  Items are scored on... READ MORE
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Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised: 2nd Edition

Authors Robert D. Hare, Ph.D. Description The 2nd Edition of the PCL-R supplants its predecessor as the mandatory tool for assessing psychopathy.  With it, you will find forensic assessments of psychopathy to be systematic and based on ironclad data and research.  The revisions draw upon the large number of of articles, reports, presentations and dissertations... READ MORE
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Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised: Screening Version

Author S.D. Hart, D.N. Cox & R.D. Hare Description An abbreviated version of the Hare PCL-R and highly correlated with the PCL-R, the PCL:SV takes about half as long to administer and is an effective screen for psychopathic personality disorders.  Containing 12 of the 20 items from the full PCL-R, the descriptions of these items have... READ MORE
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Hare Psychopathy Checklist: Youth Version

Authors Adelle E. Forth, Ph.D., David S. Kosson, Ph.D. and Robert D. Hare, Ph.D. Description The Hare PCL:YV assessment helps identify potential patterns of cheating, fighting, bullying and other anti-social acts in youths.  Early identification of these traits is critical, not only for the near future of these youths, but for their development into adulthood.... READ MORE
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Inventory for Legal Knowledge

Authors Jeffrey E. Musick, PhD, ABPP and Randy K. Otto, PhD, ABPP; Professional Manual by Randy K. Otto, PhD, ABPP, Jeffrey E. Musick, PhD, ABPP, and Christina B. Sherrod, PhD Description The ILK is designed to assist the forensic examiner in assessing response styles of defendants undergoing evaluation of adjudicative competence. Written in simple language,... READ MORE
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Inventory of Offender Risk, Needs, and Strengths

Author Holly A. Miller, PhD Description The IORNS is a 130-item self-report measure that assesses static risk, dynamic risk/need, and protective strength factors as they relate to recidivism, treatment need and management. The IORNS provides index and scale scores that are internally consistent and stable over time, in addition to content subscales that aid in... READ MORE
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Jesness Inventory-Revised

Author Carl F. Jesness, Ph.D. Description The Jesness Inventory has long been recognised as a classic measure for assessing personality and delinquent profiles.  Forty years of use has confirmed its utility to validly identify and understand youth and adults along multiple dimensions.  JI-R is a re-standardised version of this tool with new norms based on large... READ MORE
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Miller Forensic Assessment of Symptom Test

Author Holly A, Miller, PhD Description The M-FAST is a brief 25-item screening interview for individuals ages 18 years and older that provides information regarding the probability that the client is feigning psychiatric illness. Most malingering and symptom validity instruments assess malingered cognitive and/or neuropsychological deficits. The M-FAST focuses exclusively on malingered psychiatric illness. The brief structured... READ MORE
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Matrix-Predictive Uniform Law Enforcement Selection Evaluation

Author Robert D Davis PhD, M.P. and Cary D Rostow PhD, M.P. Description  The M-PULSE is an effective pre-conditioning screening instrument designed for law enforcement officer selection.  The inventory may be used either pre-offer to identify a candidates' liability potential, or post-offer as part of a total assessment battery that includes historical, interview and observational data.... READ MORE
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The MacArthur Competence Assessment Tool-Criminal Adjudication

Authors Steven K. Hoge, MD, Richard J. Bonnie, LLB, Norman G. Poythress, PhD, John Monahan, PhD Description The MacCAT-CA is a 22-item structured interview for the pre-trial assessment of adjudicative competence. This instrument uses a vignette format and objectively scored questions to standardise the measurement of three competence-related abilities. Understanding capacity for factual understanding of... READ MORE
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