WCST Training DVD and Workbook wcst-training

For: Provides detailed training in administration and scoring of the WCST
Reading Level: Ages 7 to 89 years
Format: DVD
Length: N/A
Scoring: N/A



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WCST Training DVD and Workbook Kit

Includes WCST Training DVD and Workbook)
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DVD by Susan K. Kongs; Workbook by Susan K. Kongs and Laetitia L. Thompson, PhD


Now in DVD format, this DVD and workbook package provides detailed training in the standardised administration and WCST scoring procedures developed by Dr. Robert K. Heaton. This training package is particularly helpful for individuals who are just learning to administer this multifaceted neuropsychological instrument. It is also an excellent review for experienced clinicians and psychometricians.

The specifics of administration and scoring are presented in four corresponding sections of the DVD and workbook: (a) instructions to the subject, (b) recording subject responses, (c) scoring, and (d) test scenarios for recording practice.

The DVD demonstrates the appropriate way to present the instructions to the subject; a number of typical subject reactions to the test are illustrated throughout.

Both the DVD and workbook provide extensive opportunity for practice in recording and scoring subject responses with a focus on perseverative responses. Record sheets from actual test administrations are included in the workbook for scoring practice. The materials in this package are designed for use in a training program supervised by a psychologist who is experienced in neuropsychological assessment.

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