User Level Qualifications

All assessment products in our online catalogue are restricted for purchase and use by appropriately qualified Professionals.  All test purchasers must be registered with PAA at an appropriate level before any testing materials will be supplied. If you are a new customer of PAA and don’t have a customer account registered with us yet, you can do so here.

Upon registration, PAA will assign qualified professionals with a User Level to enable online purchasing of equivalent assessments.  Please allow 1-2 working days for processing of your registration.  You will receive email notification of your User Level from PAA.

You can also view your User Level when logged in under the ‘My Details’ page.

The following qualification levels are recognised:

  • Level A
    To qualify at this level, customers must be Registered Psychologists with post-graduate training in Psychology. Registered Psychologists without post-graduate training may qualify if they produce evidence of attendance at suitable training programs in specific test administration and interpretation.

Level A users will be able to purchase assessments from all qualification levels.

  • Level B
    To qualify at this level, customers must be Psychiatrists, Paediatricians, Registered Psychologists, or 4 year Psychology graduates undergoing supervisionProvisionally registered psychologists will be required to submit their supervisor’s registration details.

Level B users will be able to purchase assessments indicated Level B and/or Level C and/or Level M.

  • Level C
    To qualify at this level, customers must be graduates in a field related to the area of test usage and have had some experience and/or additional training in test administration and interpretation. Non-graduates with extensive relevant experience and the completion of appropriate training programs, will also be considered for registration at this level. For instance Counsellors, Accredited Mental Health Social Workers.

Level C users will be able to purchase assessments indicated Level C only.

  • Level M
    To qualify at this level, customers need to have completed a specialised degree in education or a health care field and it is also desirable to be a member of an appropriate professional society. For instance Special Ed Teachers, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists.

Level M users will be able to purchase assessments indicated Level M and Level C.

Specialist Training Qualifications required for Specific Assessments

To purchase the following assessment products, professionals must have completed specific training courses and are required to provide details of their qualification.  Contact PAA if you have any queries.