Hare Psychopathy-SCAN Research Version hare-p-scan

For: An assessment of psychopathy and risk for anti-social, criminal and violent behaviour for 13 years+

Reading Level: Professional-completed

Format: Paper-and-Pencil; Online (via MHS Scoring Organiser)

Length: 10-15 minutes

Scoring: Hand Scored; Online

Paper Forms and Hand Scoring Materials



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Robert D. Hare, Ph.D. and Hugues F. Herve, M.A.


The P-SCAN is a useful tool in instances when it is not possible to conduct a PCL-R or PCL:SV assessment.  However, it does not provide a clinical diagnosis.  It is a 90-item checklist depicting relatively specific behaviours and low-level inferences about individuals.  Items are scored on three key facets of psychopathy:  Interpersonal, Affective, and Lifestyle.  The Hare P-SCAN helps individuals in mental health and corrections environments form impressions and draw conclusions on the basis of their knowledge and their experience.  The P-SCAN supplements the common sense or reasoned judgements of the experienced user.  The complete kit includes Dr Hare's book, Without Conscience.

Key Areas Measured

  • Interpersonal
  • Affective
  • Impulsive Lifestyle
  • Anti-social Behaviour

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