Rorschach Interpretation Assistance Program: Version 5 riap5

For:   Assists in scoring Rorschach results - ages 5 to 70 years.
Reading Level: Child - Elder Adult
Format:  Computer Scored
Length:   -
Scoring:  Computer Scored

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John E. Exner, Jr., PhD, Irving B. Weiner, PhD, and PAR Staff


Designed to assist clinicians with scoring and interpreting Rorschach results for individuals ages 5-70 years, the unlimited-use RIAP5 generates a Client Report – an abbreviated, individualised, and simplified version of the RIAP5 Interpretive Report that is intended to be read and retained by the client. The Client Report provides the basis for a discussion of a client’s personality strengths and weaknesses, adjustment difficulties, and possible need for treatment. This report is written in easy-to-understand language, without jargon and may be easily edited on-screen.

In addition to the Client Report, the RIAP5 provides a revised Interpretive Report that assists the clinician with scoring and interpretation. The clinician enters the client’s demographic information, as well as background, presenting and diagnostic information, and the Sequence of Scores (i.e. coded responses). These codes may be entered using the keyboard or the mouse; once entered, the software takes over calculating the various indexes, ratios, and percentages that are necessary for interpretation. On-Screen Help is included to assist with program navigation.

Special Features of the RIAP5

  • Includes both an Interpretive Report and a Client Report
  • Scoring and interpretation are based on Dr. Exner’s 5th edition of A Rorschach Workbook for the Comprehensive System and Dr. Weiner’s Principles of Rorschach Interpretation, 2nd Edition.
  • Protocol responses can be exported with RIAP5. Enhanced Export feature allows the clinician to select the protocols to be exported and allows greater choices of export formats.
  • Allows either keyboard or mouse entry of coded responses, accommodating the various skill levels of Rorschach scorers.
  • Context-sensitive, cross-referenced Help System provides clear descriptions of all coding errors found and suggests potential solutions (each message has its own Help button for further clarification).
  • On-screen access to interactive Form Quality Tables and Location Charts facilitates navigation and coding accuracy.
  • On-screen images of Location Charts match the 6-image-per-card format used in Dr. Exner’s Workbook.
  • Unlimited-use software automatically generates an on-screen Structural Summary and Sequence of Scores, both of which may be printed.
  • If a Structural Summary report would not be valid due to a low number of responses, the RIAP5 will still generate the client’s raw data and constellations, but without any ratios, percentages or derivations.
  • Offers the option to select which sections of a report will be generated: Structural Summary, Sequence of Scores, and/or sections of the Interpretive Report or the Client Report.
  • Powerful database allows for multiple protocols and reports for each client and facilitates rapid retrieval of client information for both individuals and client groups. The RIAP5 database allows the clinician or researcher to calculate seven descriptive statistical variables (i.e. mean, SD, min, max, mode, median, frequency) for any user-defined client group.
  • Rorschach Response Recording Forms facilitate and document Rorschach responses.
  • RIAP5 On-Screen Help increases the program’s user-friendliness, placing necessary assistance and documentation at the user’s fingertips. The Help includes an in-depth tutorial section that guides the user step by step from the creation of a client file to printing the final Interpretive and/or Client Report(s).

System Requirements

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.

Mac users: install Windows in VirtualBox or BootCamp.

Other virtual machine solutions (e.g., Parallels, VMWare) are not supported.


Hard Drive Space: 30 MB; NTFS file system; Internet connection or telephone for activation; CD-ROM drive for installation

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