Phonological and Print Awareness Scale

Contact PAA today to establish your WPS Online Evaluation System Account for online testing and reporting. Authors Kathleen T. Williams, PhD Description The new Phonological and Print Awareness Scale (PPA Scale) measures early literacy skills and allows examiners to track the development of these skills...
Level B, M

Piers-Harris 3

Authors Ellen V. Piers, PhD, Shirag K. Shemmassian, PhD, and David S. Herzberg, PhD Description The Piers-Harris 3 quickly measures self-concept in children, adolescents, and young adults, and identifies individuals who need further testing or treatment. While retaining core features of the widely used Piers-Harris...
Level A

Preschool And Early Childhood Functional Assessment Scale

Determine day-to-day functioning across critical life domains and whether functioning improves over time Overview The PECFAS® was developed from the CAFAS® and can be used for children as young as 3 years old and up to 7 years of age. Determines day-to-day functioning across critical...
Level C, M

Psychosocial Evaluation and Threat Risk Assessment

Author Jay Schneller, PhD Description The PETRA is a 60-item, self-report psychosocial assessment instrument for use with adolescents ages 11-18 years who exhibit threatening behaviour. Following a threat of violence, the PETRA allows for an analysis of the context of psychosocial, social, and ecological factors...
Level B, M

Rating Scales of Impairment

With or without a diagnosis the RSI helps assess functional impairment across 6 important life areas. Authors Sam Goldstein, Ph.D. and Jack A. Naglieri, Ph.D Description The RSI is a multi-informant behaviour rating scale that measures functional impairment across six life areas in children and...
Level B, M

Reynolds Adaptable Intelligence Test

Contact PAA today to establish your PARiConnect online account to utilise online administration, scoring and reporting. Author Cecil R. Reynolds, PhD Description The RAIT is a rapid, reliable, and valid intelligence test designed for group or individual administration. It is composed of seven subtests that assess...
Level B, A, M

Reynolds Adolescent Depression Scale-Second Edition: Short Form

Author William M. Reynolds, PhD Description Derived from the Reynolds Adolescent Depression Scale, 2nd Edition (RADS-2), the 10-item Short Form is designed to serve as a very brief screening measure of depression in adolescents. All items on this Short Form were taken from the original...
Level B, M

Reynolds Adolescent Depression Scale, 2nd Edition

Author William M. Reynolds PhD Description The original RADS has been used by thousands of clinicians, school personnel and researchers to evaluate depression in adolescents in the U.S. and over 30 other countries. The RADS-2 is a brief, 30-item self-report measure that includes subscales which...
Level B, M

Risk Inventory and Strengths Evaluation

The RISE is an all-new rating scale that provides a comprehensive understanding of both high-risk behaviours and psychological strengths across home, school, and community settings. The psychological strengths represent important components of resilience—the quality that enables young people to cope effectively with the stressors and challenges...
Level A


Author Glen E. Roberts, PhD Description The Roberts-2 storytelling to evaluate children's social perception. With an objective scoring system and updated norms, the Roberts-2 includes new Test Pictures that feature current hair and clothing styles but retain the thematic content of the original pictures. Children...
Level B, M

Sandwell Early Numeracy Test

The Sandwell Numeracy Test comprises of a revised edition for students aged 4-8 (SENT-R) and a version to enable the assessment of older students experiencing difficulties with numbers suitable for students aged 8 to 14 years (SENT KS2–KS3). The Sandwell Early Numeracy Test assessments enable...
Level M