NAB Auditory Comprehension Test nab-auditory

For: Assesses language impairments, aphasia and deficits in auditory comprehension
Reading Level: 18 to 97 years
Format: Paper-and-Pencil
Length: 10-15 minutes
Scoring: Hand Scored



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Paper Forms and Hand Scoring Materials

Test forms, response booklets and scoring reference manuals.

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NAB Auditory Comprehension Test Combination Kit – Forms 1 and 2

Includes NAB Auditory Comprehension Test Professional Manual, 25 Form 1 Record Forms, 25 Form 2 Record Forms, 2 Stimulus Pads, 1 Set of Form 1 Panel Cards, and 1 Set of Form 2 Panel Cards.
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NAB Auditory Comprehension Test Form 1 Record Forms (25)

Pack of 25 forms.
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NAB Auditory Comprehension Test Form 2 Record Forms (25)

Pack of 25 forms.
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NAB Auditory Comprehension Test Stimulus Pad (pad of 25)

Pad of 25
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Robert A. Stern, PhD and Travis White, PhD


The NAB Auditory Comprehension Test was created to highlight deficits in auditory comprehension. Created to be a comprehensive assessment of auditory comprehension, the measure incorporates most of the previously existing methods of assessment, including asking the examinee to answer questions, point to stimuli, and engage in a paper-folding task. The NAB Auditory Comprehension Test includes six subtests, requiring the examinee to perform various one- to four-step commands; answer questions pertaining to the concepts of before/after, above/below, and right/left; point to and identify body parts; and answer yes/no questions.

The test may be completed in approximately 10-15 minutes, has an equivalent form available, and offers a multi-method approach to assessing auditory comprehension deficits.

  • The detailed Record Form guides examiners through the measure. The Record Form, tear-off Stimulus Pad, and Panel Cards are all that is necessary for administration, allowing optimal portability and flexibility in a variety of evaluation settings.
  • Two equivalent, parallel forms allow for ease of retesting and reduce the likelihood of practice effects.
  • The NAB Auditory Comprehension Test is one of six tests in the NAB Language Module, which serves as a marker of the severity of aphasia and related disorders of language production, comprehension and word-finding.

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