NAB Memory Module Kit nab-memory

For:  Evaluates an individual's memory and learning skills
Reading Level: Ages 18 to 97 years
Format: Paper-and-Pencil, PC Based Software
Length: 45 minutes
Scoring: Hand Scored, Computer Scored



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NAB Memory Module Combination Kit – Forms 1 and 2

Includes NAB Memory Module Professional Manual, 1 Form 1 Stimulus Book, 1 Form 2 Stimulus Book, 25 Form 1 Record Forms, 25 Form 2 Record Forms, and NAB Memory Module-SP-Download
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NAB Memory Module Form 1 Kit

Includes NAB Memory Module Professional Manual, 1 Form 1 Stimulus Book, 25 Form 1 Record Forms, and NAB Memory Module-SP-Download
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Robert A. Stern, PhD and Travis White, PhD


Now available as a complete stand-alone kit, the NAB Memory Module measures explicit verbal and visual learning and memory through four primary tests: (a) List Learning, (b) Shape Learning, (c) Story Learning, and (d) Daily Living Memory. One of the five main modules of the Neuropsychological Assessment Battery, the NAB Memory Module is ideally suited to stand on its own as a comprehensive assessment of memory complaints that involves testing of encoding skills, retention, retrieval, and recognition. Each skill set in the NAB Memory Module represents an important area of possible cognitive impairment with potentially differing etiologies, whether due to neuropsychological disorders or normal age effects, and differing associated treatment and management strategies. Discrepancies in performance among these areas may shed light on the exact deficit present in the individual. Economical and efficient, the module was designed to be an extensive memory and learning skills evaluation, with typical administration taking only 45 minutes.

Special Features

  • New Professional Manual focuses only on the Memory Module and includes new research completed since its initial release as part of the comprehensive NAB.
  • Detailed Record Forms are designed to guide you through administration with ease. Stimulus Books are durable, colourful and easily portable.
  • Hierarchal score structure (i.e., index, primary, secondary and descriptive scores) allows for detailed interpretation of results.
  • Base rates of reliable change scores and critical values enable you to track progress or decline over time.
  • The Training DVD enables you to quickly learn how to administer and score the measure.
  • The NAB Memory Module Scoring Program (NAB Memory Module-SP) automates scoring and score conversions (e.g. raw scores to z scores, z scores to T scores, T scores to percentiles) and generates Score Summary Tables and a Scoring Profile.
  • An equivalent parallel form reduces the likelihood of practice effects and allows for repeat testing to evaluate progress during or following rehabilitation.
  • Examination of an individual’s performance on the NAB Memory Module provides clinically useful information for patients with Alzheimer’s disease, frontotemporal dementia, strokes or aneurysms involving the anterior communicating artery, hypoxia/anoxia, Korsakoff’s syndrome, traumatic brain injury, neurotoxic exposure, electroconvulsive therapy, major depression, mesial temporal sclerosis, herpes, encephalitis and other lesions (e.g., vascular, degenerative, epileptic, neoplastic, traumatic, metabolic, surgical) involving mesial temporal lobe structures.
  • The composite reliability coefficient for the Memory Index is .93. Over a 6-month interval, test-retest reliability of the secondary scores was strong, with the median percentage agreement coefficient for correct classifications at 91.6% based on both age groups.
  • To examine convergent validity, a subgroup of the standardisation sample was assessed with selected criterion measures of memory, including the Wechsler Memory Scale- 3rd Ed. (WMS-III), the California Verbal Learning Test, 2nd Ed. (CVLT-II), and the Repeatable Battery of Neuropsychological Status (RBANS).
  • Among a sample of patients with dementia, Memory Module primary and index scores correlated highly with the Dementia Rating Scale- 2 (DRS-2) Memory subscale age-corrected scale score (e.g., Daily Living Memory Delayed Recall r = .88). In addition, the Memory Index correlated highly with the DRS-2 Memory subtest raw score (r = .85).

System Requirements 

Windows XP, Vista, 7, NTFS file system;

Prerequisites:   Internet connection or telephone for activation; CD-ROM drive for installation

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