NAB Numbers & Letters Test nab-numbers-letters

For: Evaluates deficits in attention, inhibition and impulsivity

Reading Level: 18 to 97 years

Format: Paper-and-Pencil

Length: 15-20 minutes

Scoring: Hand Scored




NAB Numbers & Letters Test Combination Kit – Forms 1 and 2

Includes NAB Numbers & Letters Test Professional Manual, 25 Form 1 Record Forms, 25 Form 2 Record Forms, 25 Form 1 Response Booklets, 25 Form 2 Response Booklets, set of 3 Form 1 Templates, and set of 3 Form 2 Templates.
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Paper Forms and Hand Scoring Materials


NAB Numbers & Letters Test Form 1 Record Forms (25)

Pack of 25 forms.
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NAB Numbers & Letters Test Form 1 Response Booklets (25)

Pack of 25 booklets.
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NAB Numbers & Letters Test Form 2 Record Forms (25)

Pack of 25 forms.
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NAB Numbers & Letters Test Form 2 Response Booklets (25)

Pack of 25 booklets.
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Robert A. Stern, PhD and Travis White, PhD


One of the tests that make up the NAB Attention Module, the NAB Numbers & Letters Test is now available as a brief stand-alone assessment. Administration is relatively short and straightforward, incorporating letter cancellation and counting tasks to evaluate deficits in attention. The four subtests were developed to measure seven aspects of attention: sustained attention, psychomotor speed, selective attention, divided attention, information processing speed, impulsivity and disinhibition. The detailed Record Form guides examiners through the measure, allowing optimal portability and flexibility in a variety of evaluation settings.

  • Equivalent, parallel forms allow for ease of retesting while reducing the likelihood of practice effects.
  • Developed with the entire Neuropsychological Assessment Battery on a large standardisation sample (1,448 individuals).
    Scoring Templates aid evaluators to quickly score the measure.

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