NEO Software System for the NEO PI-3, NEO PI-R, NEO-FFI-3, and NEO PDR Modules neo-software-system



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Paul T. Costa, Jr., PhD, Robert R. McCrae, PhD, PsyPro Corporation and PAR Staff


The NEO Software System is a modular system that allows you to generate free unlimited Interpretive Reports when you input responses from a completed printed administration. You may also administer either the NEO PI-R, NEO-PI-3 or NEO-FFI-3 on-screen via a Serial Counter. The Software will generate the NEO PI-R, NEO-PI-3 or NEO-FFI-3 Interpretive Report and/or the appropriate client feedback report.

Also available NEO Software System On-site Scanning Module for the NEO PI-3 and NEO PI-R

The NEO PI-R and NEO-PI-3 Interpretive Report includes a T-score profile and data table; validity indexes; a global description of the Five Factors with detailed interpretation of the individual facets; personality correlates with possible implications; clinical hypotheses regarding Axis II disorders with treatment implications; and information about somatic complaints, coping and defense mechanisms, cognitive processes, personal needs and motivations.

The Software also generates the new features introduced with the release of the NEO-PI-3: The NEO Problems in Living Checklist and NEO Style Graphs. The NEO Problems in Living Checklist aids clinicians in planning appropriate treatment plans based on potential areas where the client may need to focus. The NEO Style Graphs is an innovative way to show clients how the domains of their personality work together. The report presents style graphs of the five personality domains in terms of 10 personality styles: Well-Being, Defense, Anger Control, Impulse Control, Interests, Interactions, Activity, Attitudes, Learning and Character.

The NEO Professional Development Report Is Ideal for Human Resources Settings

Written by an experienced team of management consultants, the NEO PDR addresses the personal characteristics that have the highest potential for yielding job-relevant information. It was specifically designed to function as a tool both for management planning and for promoting individual growth and development. Two reports are generated for each individual who takes the test – the Management Planning Report and the Individual Planning Report.

Written in a positive, developmental tone, each report contains a summary of the client’s most distinctive characteristics with an explanation of how those characteristics may work to their advantage or disadvantage in an organisational setting. In addition, each report provides observations about the individual’s strengths and limitations in four critical areas: problem-solving skills; planning, organising, and implementation skills; style of relating to others; and personal style.

With unlimited report generation, the NEO PDR provides profile matching ability that is particularly helpful for interpretation. The graphic presentation provides an informative picture of how well the job “fits” the client. It also provides numerous opportunities for discussing with the client which differences in the profile might be beneficial in a particular situation, and which deviations might be more serious than would appear at first glance.

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