Reynolds Adolescent Adjustment Screening Inventory

Author William M. Reynolds, PhD Description Quickly identify adolescents (ages 12-19 years) in need of psychological evaluation and services. These adolescents may exhibit significant adjustment problems in the areas of anti-social behaviours, anger problems and emotional distress. The RAASI may be administered to large or small groups or to individuals. Only 32 items; derived from the... READ MORE
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Reynolds Adolescent Depression Scale, 2nd Edition

Author William M. Reynolds PhD Description The original RADS has been used by thousands of clinicians, school personnel and researchers to evaluate depression in adolescents in the U.S. and over 30 other countries. The RADS-2 is a brief, 30-item self-report measure that includes subscales which evaluate the current level of an adolescent's depressive symptomatology along... READ MORE
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Reynolds Adolescent Depression Scale-Second Edition: Short Form

Author William M. Reynolds, PhD Description Derived from the Reynolds Adolescent Depression Scale, 2nd Edition (RADS-2), the 10-item Short Form is designed to serve as a very brief screening measure of depression in adolescents. All items on this Short Form were taken from the original RADS-2. This abbreviated version of the RADS-2 provides mental health... READ MORE
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Reynolds Adaptable Intelligence Test

Contact PAA today to establish your PARiConnect online account to utilise online administration, scoring and reporting. Author Cecil R. Reynolds, PhD Description The RAIT is a rapid, reliable, and valid intelligence test designed for group or individual administration. It is composed of seven subtests that assess crystallised intelligence, fluid intelligence, and quantitative aptitude or intelligence. Features... READ MORE
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Revised Behavior Problem Checklist - PAR Edition

Authors Herbert C. Quay, PhD, Donald R. Peterson, PhD Description The RBPC is used to rate problem behaviours observed in adolescents and young children ages 5-18 years. The six RBPC subscales measure Conduct Disorder, Socialised Aggression, Attention Problems-Immaturity, Anxiety-Withdrawal, Psychotic Behaviour and Motor Tension-Excess. The RBPC has been used for a wide variety of purposes:... READ MORE
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Reynolds Child Depression Scale- 2nd Edition and RCDS-2: Short Form

Author William M. Reynolds, PhD Description Designed to screen for depression in children, the RCDS-2 provides school and mental health professionals with a straightforward, easily administered measure for the evaluation of the severity of children's depressive symptoms. The RCDS-2 retains the 30 items used in the original measure, but presents updated normative data. An expanded... READ MORE
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Revised Childrens Manifest Anxiety Scale : 2nd Ed

Authors Cecil R. Reynolds, Ph.D., and Bert O. Richmond, Ed.D. Description Widely used by school psychologists, clinicians, and researchers, the Revised Children's Manifest Anxiety Scale is now available in an updated Second Edition. The RCMAS-2 retains all the features that made previous versions of the test so popular - brevity, a simple yes/no response format,... READ MORE
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Reynolds Depression Screening Inventory

Author William M. Reynolds, PhD, Kenneth A. Kobak, PhD Description The RDSI is a self-report measure designed to quickly assess symptoms of depression in adults ages 18-89 years. The RDSI items assess the contemporary symptoms of depression specified by the DSM-IV for Major Depressive Disorder. Although the RDSI does not provide a formal DSM-IV diagnosis,... READ MORE
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Risk Inventory and Strengths Evaluation

The RISE is an all-new rating scale that provides a comprehensive understanding of both high-risk behaviours and psychological strengths across home, school, and community settings. The psychological strengths represent important components of resilience—the quality that enables young people to cope effectively with the stressors and challenges of daily life. Cut-off scores identify high-risk status, prompting clinicians... READ MORE
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Author Glen E. Roberts, PhD Description The Roberts-2 storytelling to evaluate children's social perception. With an objective scoring system and updated norms, the Roberts-2 includes new Test Pictures that feature current hair and clothing styles but retain the thematic content of the original pictures. Children and adolescents are realistically depicted in everyday situations, with their... READ MORE
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Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure Test Developmental Scoring System

Authors Jane Holmes Bernstein, PhD, Deborah Waber, PhD Description  The DSS-ROCF allows the examiner to objectively evaluate ROCF performance within a developmental context and to determine the age-appropriateness of the child's Copy and Recall productions. The DSS-ROCF measures not only the child's ability to accurately reproduce the figure, but also the child's qualitative, organisational and... READ MORE
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Rating Scales of Impairment

With or without a diagnosis the RSI helps assess functional impairment across 6 important life areas. Authors Sam Goldstein, Ph.D. and Jack A. Naglieri, Ph.D Description The RSI is a multi-informant behaviour rating scale that measures functional impairment across six life areas in children and youth. When used in combination with symptoms measures, the RSI... READ MORE
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Symptom Assessment-45

Authors Strategic Advantage, Inc. Description A quick, cost-effective and comprehensive measure of symptomatology, the Symptom Assessment-45 Questionnaire (SA-45) uses the proven items and structure of the Symptom Checklist-90 (SCL-90) to arrive at a brief, valid and reliable measure of psychiatric sympomatology.  Its comprehensive breadth gives you confidence when used as a screening tool for behavioural... READ MORE
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Structured Assessment of Violence Risk in Youth

Authors Randy Borum, PsyD, Patrick Bartel, PhD, and Adelle Forth, PhD Description The SAVRY is composed of 24 items in three risk domains (Historical Risk Factors, Social/Contextual Risk Factors, and Individual/Clinical Factors), drawn from existing research and the professional literature on adolescent development as well as on violence and aggression in youth. Each risk item... READ MORE
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Social Communication Questionnaire

Author Michael Rutter, M.D., FRS, Anthony Bailey, M.D., and Catherine Lord, Ph.D. Description Previously known as the Autism Screening Questionnaire (ASQ), this brief instrument helps evaluate communication skills and social functioning in children who may have autism or autism spectrum disorders. Completed by a parent or other primary caregiver in less than 10 minutes, the... READ MORE
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Sentence Completion Series

Author Larry H. Brown, PhD, Michael A. Unger, PhD Description The SCS consists of eight self-report forms, each with 50 content-valid sentence stems pertaining to specific areas of concern: Adult, Adolescent, Family, Marriage, Parenting, Work, Illness, and Aging. The client completes each unfinished sentence with the first thought that comes to mind. The SCS is self-administered... READ MORE
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Social Emotional Assets and Resilience Scales

Contact PAA today to establish a PARiConnect online account for administration, scoring and reporting. Author Kenneth W. Merrell, PhD. Description Focusing on a child's strengths, the SEARS may be used with children and adolescents who exhibit a variety of clinical problems or who are at high risk for developing such problems. Features and Benefits Includes separate assessment... READ MORE
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Sandwell Early Numeracy Test

The Sandwell Numeracy Test comprises of a revised edition for students aged 4-8 (SENT-R) and a version to enable the assessment of older students experiencing difficulties with numbers suitable for students aged 8 to 14 years (SENT KS2–KS3). The Sandwell Early Numeracy Test assessments enable teachers to assess a students' ability with numbers, through exploring... READ MORE
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Stress Index for Parents of Adolescents

Authors Peter L. Sheras, PhD, Richard R. Abidin, EdD. Professional Manual by Peter L. Sheras, PhD, Richard R. Abidin, EdD, Timothy R. Konold, PhD Description The SIPA is a screening and diagnostic instrument that identifies areas of stress in parent-adolescent interactions and is appropriate for parents of adolescents ages 11-19 years. This upward extension of... READ MORE
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Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests

PLEASE NOTE:    SIPT CERTIFICATION QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED BEFORE PURCHASING GOODS.   PROVIDE YOUR QUALIFICATION WHEN ORDERING OR CONTACT PAA FOR FURTHER INFORMATION.  CONTACT PAA FOR TRAINING & WORKSHOP ENQUIRIES. Author A. Jean Ayres, Ph.D. Description The Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests (SIPT) measures the sensory integration processes that underlie learning and behaviour. By showing you how children organise... READ MORE
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