Wisconsin Card Sorting Test

Author David A. Grant, PhD and Esta A. Berg, PhD Description Although the WCST is used primarily to assess perseveration and abstract thinking, it has gained increasing popularity as a neuropsychological instrument. It has been considered a measure of executive function because of its reported...
Level A, M

Wisconsin Card Sorting Test-64 Card Version

Author Susan K. Kongs, Laetitia L Thompson, PhD, Grant L. Iverson, PhD, Robert K. Heaton, PhD Description The Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST) has been widely used with many different patient groups ages 6.5 to 89 years. Recently, concerns for patient comfort, managed care, and...
Level A, M

Work Values Inventory

Authors Melissa A. Messer, MHS, and Jennifer A. Greene, MSPH Description The WVI is a self-administered, self-scored and self-interpreted measure of six workplace values. It is a career exploration and job selection tool that helps career counsellors and human resource professionals. Administer using paper and...
Level C, M

Working Styles Assessment

Author Melissa A. Messer, MHS and Heather Ureksoy, PhD Description The WSA assesses a person’s work-related personality traits—the traits that are related to effective job performance. Features and Benefits Helps individuals gain a better understanding of their personal work preferences and how they approach a...
Level A, M