Hare Psychopathy Checklist: Youth Version

Authors Adelle E. Forth, Ph.D., David S. Kosson, Ph.D. and Robert D. Hare, Ph.D. Description The Hare PCL:YV assessment helps identify potential patterns of cheating, fighting, bullying and other anti-social acts in youths.  Early identification of these traits is critical, not only for the near...
Level A, M

Juvenile Inventory for Functioning

A hands-on, interactive, computerized interview that is self-administered by the client or caregiver(s) Overview The JIFF® is derived from the CAFAS®, and is a hands-on, interactive, computerized interview that is either self-administered by the client or administer by the caregiver(s). The interview covers 10 life...
Level C, M

Kane Learning Difficulties Assessment™

The KLDA quickly screens college students who may be at risk for learning difficulties and ADHD. Features and benefits Measures an individual's academic strengths and weaknesses in key areas, including reading, writing, math, listening, concentration, memory, organization, time management, oral presentation, self-control, and anxiety. Provides...
Level M


https://youtu.be/m9jFhSpw3tE Training Karolinska Institute in Sweden offers a specialized, remotely run training for KONTAKT® group leaders.  If you are interested in undertaking this training, please visit https://ki.se/en/kind/courses-at-kind or contact their course co-ordinator, Lisa Wilsson lisa.wilsson@ki.se Product description KONTAKT® is group social skills group training intervention...
Level M

Life Stressors and Social Resources Inventory - Youth

Author Rudolf H. Moos, PhD Description The LISRES provides a unified framework to measure ongoing life stressors and social resources and their changes over time. Integrating these two domains in one assessment tool provides a comprehensive picture of an individual's overall life context. This inventory identifies the...
Level B, M

Monteiro Interview Guidelines for Diagnosing Autism Spectrum, Second Edition

https://youtu.be/qO7Gp3fv26c Author Marilyn J. Monteiro, PhD, and Sheri Stegall, PhD Description The Monteiro Interview Guidelines for Diagnosing the Autism Spectrum, Second Edition is a sensory-based process for gathering and organizing the qualitative information needed to diagnose autism in children, adolescents, and adults. The process includes...
Level B

Multidimensional Anxiety Scale for Children 2nd Edition

Author John S. March, M.D., MPH Description A revision of the Multidimensional Anxiety Scale for Children, the MASC 2 assesses the presence of symptoms related to anxiety disorders in youth aged 8 to 19 years. The measure distinguishes between important anxiety symptoms and dimensions that...
Level B, M

Multidimensional Everyday Memory Ratings for Youth

Contact PAA today to set up your free PARiConnect online account to utilise online administration, scoring and reporting. Authors Elisabeth M. S. Sherman, Ph.D, and Brian L. Brooks, Ph.D Description The MEMRY is the first (USA) nationally standardised rating scale specifically designed to measure memory in...
Level B, M

My Virtual Reading Coach

Authors Nancy Mather, Ph.D; Blanche Podhajski, Ph.D; Janice Sammons, Ph.D; Marilyn D. Varricchio, M.Ed; Barbara J. Wendling, M.A. Description MindPlay®.  We teach reading. Reading is the key to learning. An inability to read leads to academic frustration in all subjects, impeding success in both educational...
Level M

NEO Five Factor Inventory-3

The NEO Software System is also now available, which is compatible with the new NEO-3 Inventories. Additional new forms for use with the New NEO-FFI-3 are available on the New NEO-PI-3 page. Author Paul T. Costa, Jr., PhD and Robert R. McCrae, PhD Description The NEO-FFI-3,...
Level B, M

NEO Personality Inventory-3

The  NEO Software System is now available, which is compatible with the new NEO-3 Inventories Author Paul T. Costa, Jr., PhD and Robert R. McCrae, PhD Description The NEO-PI-3 is a revision of the Revised NEO Personality Inventory (NEO PI-R), the standard questionnaire of the FFM....
Level A, M, B, C

New Reynell Developmental Language Scales

Authors  Susan Edwards, Carolyn Letters and Indra Sinka Description  The New Reynell Developmental Language Scales (NRDLS), Based on the Third (University of Reading) Edition. A new fourth edition of the widely-used assessment for identifying speech and language delays and impairments in very young children.  For...
Level M