Access your favourite PAR instruments through the convenience of a secure, easy-to-use website!

PAA is offering three (3) free test administrations with scoring and reporting to customers who sign up for a new PARiConnect online testing account through PAA.

Assign and administer assessments, run score and interpretive reports, keep track of client data—everything you need to simplify your assessment process
and save time is just a click away.

The PARiConnect account has a fantastic range of popular assessments including the PAI, BRIEF-2; ChAMP; TSI-2; EDI-3; NEO and FrSBe. Manuals for individual assessments are available in electronic form via your PARiConnect account. Click here for more information about e-Manuals.

See the full list of assessments here.

We can set you up with an account directly with PAR in the US. Once this has been set up, you then purchase directly from PAR in USD using a credit card. Alternatively, PAA can establish an account for you and charge you in AUD with GST.  This alternative is designed for customers who wish to pay on account, such as government departments.

After using your 3 free test administrations and reports, they are then charged separately. Generally you will need to purchase both test administrations and test reports. However, if you use paper and pencil administrations, you only need to purchase reports, which will be generated from data manually entered into your PARiConnect from paper forms. For some tests, there are different reports available, such as profile reports (scores only) or interpretive reports (scores plus narrative interpretation).

There is a minimum purchase of 5 test administrations and/or 5 reports for each test administration or report type.

Accounts require 24 hours to be set up.

Contact us at PAA or fill in the form below to request your new PARiConnect Account!

There is no expiry date on this offer.

New PARiConnect account request
This email address will be linked to your new PARiConnect account and will be used as your log in ID. Please make sure it is correct.
Please provide your Psych registration number if you are a psychologist.
If you already have one, it is a six-digit customer account number (can be found in the top right corner of any invoice issued by PAA) or name of your business you registered your customer account with PAA or your name if you didn't register with a business name.
If you don't have a PAA Customer Account Number, please provide us with your address.
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